“Hi Gemma and Wanda- Wanted to let you know the montage was a HUGE hit!  Everyone said it was the best they’ve ever seen and my son was in awe!  Thank you —— it was really a pleasure working with you—organized, professional, patient, talented…just fabulous!”  Judy P

 “There is rarely a day that goes by where I don’t think about the video that you made for my twins, Claire and Alex, and smile! My kids, as well as many of their friends still talk about the video and how amazing it was. And the celebration was back in February. It was probably the best money I could have spent on their b’nai mitzvah and I can’t thank you and Gemma enough. You have made memories for a lifetime!” Irene C

“Dear Gemma:  I have been meaning to write you since the night of October 3rd. The montage you made for Marley¹s bat mitzvah KILLED!  It was amazing and amazing times amazing.  It was truly a highlight and everyone enjoyed it so much. Thank you both again for CRUSHING IT.  Happy holidays!”   Graciela M

“Hi Gemma. I wanted to let you know that the montage was a HUGE success!! Everyone loved it and can’t stop talking about it. You did an outstanding job and we couldn’t be happier about the hard work that you put into the montage.   It is truly original and hilarious!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thanks again for everything!!”   Arlyn T

“Wow, wow, wow ladies… is all I can say! I always know that I am going to love a Spot On montage. I always know it is will be clever and funny and perfectly timed and have a production value like no other. I always know that but this time you ladies truly KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK, it is particularly amazing and clever , new, fresh and just plain awesome! I know how much work was POURED into this to get it this amazing and I wanted to thank you Gemma for pouring it in – I can tell you did. Just plain awesome!!!”                    Amy Dershowitz/Evaly Event Planning (917) 576-7746

“Gemma,   Oh What a Day… We ran the Montage at both the luncheon after the Service and at the evening Celebration to RAVE reviews. Our guests and we enjoyed the Show! Thank you once again for hitting another Montage out of  the park. Best of all, Olivia was Happy!   I’ll be shouting out your names to anyone who asks and even when they  don’t ask and I think they may need to know. You Gals are terrific! Best wishes to you and your families (and awesome Staff, I’m sure) for a happy and healthy Holiday Season and much more continued success”. Janeth S.

“Gemma- Big fat kudos on an awesome montage. Lily’s party was last night and it was a massive hit! Spot On is officially on the DC bat mitzvah circuit – people young , old and in between loved it. As I mentioned earlier, my middle daughter Stella’s bat mitzvah is Jan 2018 – put it in your books and draw up a contract. Thanks again!”  Kristin P”The accolades keep rolling in about Matthew’s montage.  It is truly the best one I have ever seen personally.  I’m so blown away by your creativity and talent”.  xoxo Julie R

“Well I hope your ears are ringing! We had a day and night party on Saturday, so your montage was shown twice. People were cheering from sun up to sun down. The most frequent comments are that it was “the best montage in the history of montages” and “did you make that? Wow!” It was tempting…but I did not take credit. I have given out your name a lot and I hope it brings in many new clients for you!! Elizabeth said she is “obsessed” with it! The highest compliment of all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”   Amy K

“Gemma – Everything looks AMAZING!!!! This montage would be the most precious bat mitzvah gift for Sara and all of us. Thank you SO much for making such a wonderful, funny, tasteful and very personal mini movie for us.  I could not possibly imagine better work!  I will ask our photographer to take some pictures of audience as they are going to be watching the montage and I will e-mail you some of them:-)  ”  Masha B

“Gemma:   I just wanted to let you know that Claire and Alex’s party was Saturday night.  I managed to keep the video a secret from them, which if you knew me you would understand is quite a feat!  It was truly a special part of the evening and for me personally, the highlight.  I cannot tell you how many people went out of their way to tell me how amazing it was and how they had never seen anything like it in their life.  The Emcee was one of those people and he told me he has been doing parties like ours for over 15 years!!  All 125 kids sat mesmerized through the entire montage.  I watched the faces of all of the kids and saw such enjoyment and pleasure!  (I didn’t need to watch the video since I have now watched it over 50 times, never once feeling bored or tired of watching)   My kids were totally overwhelmed. I watched it with them twice last night and they get more out of it with each viewing.  It will be a gift they will treasure for their lifetime.I have been more than happy to tell anyone and everyone that Spot on Pictures made the video and that you were a pleasure to work with.  I credit Gemma for capturing the essence of my daughter with the Hunger Games vignette — something that Gemma thought of, not me!  All of the special touches, including the Harry Potter portions were so creative and so special.  I cannot thank you enough.  I would be happy to provide any comments you think helpful for your website although I do not think I will ever be able to do justice in words to how heartfelt my appreciation and thanks are for your professionalism and creative genius.  But I am happy to try!  All the best and I hope that a special occasion in the future allows me to work with you again!”   Irene C

“Honestly, we’ve been on cloud 9 & are still flying & we’ve been meaning to touch base, but you.  To say EVERYONE went crazy over the montage is an understatement-the calls, emails & texts don’t stop! We’ve given your name out to so many people & can’t thank you enough for creating this masterpiece that Dylan will treasure forever. How do we share the link for everyone to see? It is too incredible not to share over & over again. Thank you both again for accommodating us & thank you for capturing the essence of what clearly was the most special day for our family”. XOXO   Allysa & Ben Goldman

“I don’t have words to express how unbelievable a job you and your team have done on the montage. Thank you so much !!”   Irina

“Wow!!! Just wow!!! Comments we received were all based around the following theme: “that was the best montage I’ve ever seen!” — this was even said by a family from Short Hills who have been to tons of Bar and Bat Mitzvah affairs. It was absolutely incredible!!! Just perfect!!! My parents can’t wait until tomorrow when we bring over a copy so that they can see it again without background noises from the crowd. Dylan was over the moon thrilled! He absolutely LOVED the Dr. Who part, which of course, we knew he would. The Jerry Maguire clip and the work you did to get the moving car in the background was awesome!  I would recommend you guys to everyone I know, every day of every week. Just incredible from start to finish! You guys are pros, your work shows it, and you helped make our event as memorable as it could possibly be!  Thanks again for everything! ”   Best regards,  Tara P

“We are dumbfounded by this montage – it’s beyond spectacular!!!! we have never seen anything this magnificent!!! thank you for being so damn creative and piecing it all together with the theme and everything i asked for.  you’re amazing!!!  we all had tears in our eyes…it’s perfect!!!  … It was wonderful for me and Amanda to work with you and Gemma. You guys make an outstanding team and I can’t wait to play the entrance video and montage at Amanda’s bm. I think the crowd is definitely going to go crazy!!! My hats off to you guys for such high quality work and professionalism. It was an absolute pleasure for us to meet you and work so closely together for this exciting occasion. Please know that David’s (my 11 year old) bar mitzvah is on 1/17/15 and of course we want to use you for his videos too!!!” Michelle Cohen

“Hi Gemma and Wanda, Our bar mitzvah was today and I cannot thank you enough for creating such magic for our party. It was a real highlight and we will treasure the montage forever. Thank you!!!!! ” Amy  K

” Wanda and Gemma,   I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with Andrew’s montage.  I appreciate your patience as well as your diligence to get the video done after “Sandy”.  The party was held at the NorVa Theater (family-owned), which is was voted as one of the top 5 small concert venues in the country. We showed it on a 25-foot screen and used the house sound system.  Everyone loved it and felt that it really made the night.  My sister-in-law said that the best part of the party was the montage. Thank you again for all your hard work “.  Jodi

“Hi Wanda. The video was a HUGE success. Thank you so much. And please feel free to use me as a reference going forward. I’ve given your contact information to a friend of Elizabeth’s”  Esta S

“PERFECTION!  That says it all!  I can’t wait to see the reaction on everyone’s face! I want to show it to people now, it is going to be hard to wait a week! With that said, working you both had been an absolute pleasure.  You both are so talented and courteous. I truly enjoyed the entire process!Thank you so very much for creating a forever product.   xoxox! ”  Mindy R

 “Hi Gemma, I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous job on the montage. Everyone at the party loved it. And our MC, who has been doing bat and bar-Mitzvahs for 20 years, said it was the best montage he has ever seen. I myself, can’t stop watching it. Thank you also for your professionalism. It was truly a pleasure working with you”. Lucy  Z

 “Gemma and Wanda: Now that everything is back to normal and I had a minute to myself I wanted to tell both of you how wonderful the Montage was in front of everyone. When my son saw it for the first time, his facial expressions were priceless. He told me “that this was the best one that he had ever seen “. Weeks later I still get people asking me about it and how funny it was…Thanks again for putting out a great product”. Shawn S

“YOU ROCK!!  You mastered this perfectly and we are SOOO happy! we were not sure if we should show Chase, but Bruce and I decided to watch it together with Chase and when it finished her face was aglow with that smile from ear to ear and she said “I LOVE IT”!!! there are no better words from your daughter who is 13!!! ..to another amazing job…happy new year to you both – thank you – Stacy K

“Gemma: Wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time at Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah. The montage was a big hit! Everyone loved it, and most importantly, Jordan loved it! We watched it several times again yesterday with our family. Thanks again for all your help and Emily’s is in less then 3 years–so we’ll reserve you now:)” Alan M

“We showed the montage at the luncheon and people were RAVING!!! You have no idea how many people came up to me and said it was THE BEST MONTAGE THEY HAVE EVER SEEN!!! You two were so wonderful to work with and I can’t thank you enough for making Jamie’s day so special. (LOVE THE YACKIDY YAK!!!) Can’t wait to see it again tonight at the kids party! I am eternally thankful for both of you!” – Stacey M

“The montage was so well received!!! Fantastic. Macie loved it!!!! She was so surprised and happy!!! My club made it so much fun to watch…they handed out popcorn to everyone before they showed it. Thank you so much!!!!” Jacqui W.

“We want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Jordana and Aaron’s Bnai entrance and montage video was a huge success!!! They were both so different and unique and left a lasting impression on everyone who has seen them. Being that it was a Bnai, there was a ton of material to cover and the process could have been completely overwhelming, however due to your structure and dedication the process was relatively pain free for the two of us. You were a pleasure to work with. You truly nailed both videos and they were one of the highlights of the affair. We love how you incorporated President Bill Clinton in both the entrance and the Bloopers it was genius!! The bloopers were the finishing touch and really captured the joy and love that our kids had making the videos. Thank you again and looking forward to working together on the next Bnai… in 3 years!”  Penny D and Susan C

“The party was amazing and Morgan looked like a beautiful princess!! Your videos were a huge success and everybody was raving about them. Nobody does a montage like you. Thanks so much for everything.” Marcy S.

“I wanted to thank you again. The montage and entrance video were amazing and everyone was raving about them. Thanks for making it a fun and memorable experience. See you in a few years for my daughter’s”. Sheree D.

“Just wanted to let you know the montage was a HUGE hit. Brittani was so surprised. The party turned out amazing and the montage really tied it all together. Thanks!!!” Suzie L.

“So, the montage was a HUGE success. It played beautifully, and everyone loved it. Several people, who have been to “hundreds of bar and bat mitzvahs in the past few years” said that it was “by far, the best montage they have ever seen.”. Several members of our family were in tears (of joy) seeing the clips. Sam’s friends thought it was hilarious. There was a round of applause when it was over…Thanks so much again, and please let Gemma know how much we appreciated everything. You were both a pleasure to work with, and Gemma’s editorial recommendations (including the song choices) were great. We’ll definitely be in touch for future projects!!!!” Jodi K.

“OMG…..party was a blast. Perfect in every way. But most of all….the montage was definitely the hit of the party. I have gotten a million emails commenting on it. I even received one from a woman who wasn’t even at the party (LOL!!!)…she is a party planner and wrote me an email saying ‘I must have the name of the people who did your montage…everyone is talking about it’. We watched it all day yesterday. thanks again!!”Jodi Z.


“The party was a huge success and the wonderfully creative montage certainly added to the overall attention to detail (and rock and roll). It was received magnificently! Thanks to you both for making my client happy. As always, I am proud to recommend you!” Regards, Debra – Debra Cohen, BDR Creative Concepts.

“Dylan’s montage was a HUGE hit! Definitely a highlight to the night. Everybody commented on how great it was. We’ve watched it a dozen times and still don’t tire of it. The party was great and we all had loads of fun. We have been recuperating this week:) Thanks again for making our montage so memorable. We will definitely be calling you when Jess is up!! Thanks again!” Jen & Howie  Click here to view Dylan’s Rock n Roll Montage

“Thank you again for all of your hard work that went into the film. It was truly amazing – I could not believe how well you nailed it given that you have never met my mom. Everyone at the party was blown away – especially my parents and relatives. My parent’s friends and I could not believe how you nailed the music for the early years. Everyone was singing along. I’ve gotten at least a dozen email messages from my moms friends about how spectacular the montage was.” Karla A.  Click here to view Joyce’s Milestone Birthday Montage

“Oh my gosh- it is amazing!!! We LOVE the video!! In style and composition and humor, it is EXACTLY what we had hoped for – we could not be more thrilled!! We are so excited about this Montage – it is amazing!!…”We were told by everyone that it was the BEST montage they had ever seen!! We just wanted to say thanks. You helped make a special night for our family truly perfect!! Many many thanks. Super work!”–Stephanie and Robert Klein  Click here to view Cutler’s Bar Mitzvah Montage

“I have to tell you that this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I was crying watching it. It’s stupendous. Thank you guys so much. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work. He will LOVE it. I will e-mail you the exact number of dvd’s I want.” Leslie R.   Click here to view Bob’s Milestone Birthday Montage

“I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your creativity and the heart and soul that you put into our wedding video. Years ago, I saw a sample of your work and I was blown away! I had that same excitement and amazement when Tom and I watched our wedding highlights video–not just for the first time, but over and over again. Yes, I’ve watched it numerous times since we got it, and we were totally roaring with laughter at the end. Brilliant! It’s our favorite part. As a photographer who knows the value of good photography, I think video is important at any function. I was able to relive the day so vividly! I also understand how much work goes into the final edit. Tom and I so appreciate the extra touches you added for us – so thoughtful and we love you for it!” –Charlene and Tom    Click here to view Charlene & Tom’s Wedding Video



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