Josh’s Montage

Here’s a great example of one of our upbeat, dynamic mixed media montages. Here’s what Josh’s parents had to say about working with Spot On Pictures…”Where do I start? The montage is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your creative spirit. I knew when I found “spot on pictures” that I would be really happy with my montage but did not realize how beyond my expectations it would be. Your attention to detail, finding additional wonderful videos clips and the added special effects made this montage so unique. You knew the sports section was really important to me and you way surpassed all that I dreamed it could be. Your passion and originality can’t be beat. All of our friends and relatives literally went through all the emotions while this montage played at our party…the room was filled with laughter and tears all at the same time. Thank you for helping to make a special night truly perfect!” Karen and Neil Laufer 5.21.11



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