MJ’s Tribute Montage

It was an honor for me to create this video in celebration of the vibrant life of MJ Vineburgh. She showered a lifetime of warm, caring, fun and intense energy upon the earth while she was here.  Life is precious.  It’s hard to sustain the reverence that being alive deserves every moment that we breathe but we owe it to ourselves to try.

Gemma Tummolo



  1. Brad Carlson says:

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful, rare and special woman. Seeing this reminds me to live life more like MJ did. Thanks for the inspiration. We miss you, MJ.

  2. Wow. Gemmarose, you did a spectacular job at capturing the essence of MJ. I have difficulty believing she’s really gone. What a treat to see so many beautiful familiar faces. MJ catered my sister’s wedding and was so generous and fun and present – made it the wonderful memory it is for her and everyone there. Present. That’s the word that best describes MJ. Love her. Thanks for this tribute.

  3. abe wallach says:

    I only knew MJ from afar and now I wish I knew her well. Great video

  4. Pamela says:

    I knew MJ for many years , about 2 months before she passed I ran into to her in east Hampton and caught up our lives and laughed and hugged
    I know this montage leaves the legacy we all feel in our hearts
    Farewell dear one

  5. Thank you for this wonderful video, a great remembrance of this special person

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