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  • Vanessa’s Bat Mitzvah Montage

    The theme for Vanessa’s celebration was “obsessed with ness”.. Here, Gemma Tummolo created a special custom opening for her montage….and here’s what her mom had to say…”hi gemma and wanda: i just want to say thank you! the montage was a huge hit! everyone absolutely loved it… especially vanessa!!!! you guys are great! thank you again!!! all my best – jessica”

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  • Custom Opening for Macie’s Montage

    Custom Opening for Macie’s Montage

    We were told that Macie is a HUGE fan of Nicki Minaj. So why not put Macie right in her own SUPER MACE video? Here’s what Macie’s Mom had to say after the party…”The montage was so well received!!!…and Macie loved it!!!! She was so surprised and happy!!! My club made it so much fun to watch..they handed out popcorn to everyone before they showed it. Fantastic!! Thank you so much!!!!”

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